I got into cooking while bodybuilding and preparing special meals for my Competition. As a bodybuilder, I’d take a recipe and change it to fit my low calorie diet. The more I cooked, the more I enjoyed it. I’d even try different combinations of ingredients to come up with unique dishes.

As an Award Winning Bodybuilder, one problem I had when getting ready for competition was my sweet tooth. This made me limit eating choices to only the cookies and pies I baked. It worked out well because if something wasn’t made by me I just wouldn’t eat it.

After competition however, I went wild cooking my favorites for Family, Friends and Church as they were my best source of feedback. With their input, and driven by my competitive nature, I entered my Cookies and Pies in a number of Local, Regional, and State Cooking Contests where several Awards were Won.

With the affirmation that my recipes were actually good, I now had the confidence needed to go forth and share my Award Winning Cookies and pies.